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Are you grateful that a place like FCCW exists? Are you excited that there’s a creative space advocating for feminist creative community and burning down the white-supremacist, exclusionary, cis-hetero-patriarchy? Are you invested in building a more abundant, generous, equitable, transformative, and joyful world in its place?

In the same way that a few embers can cause a wildfire, a little support from a lot of people with a ton of fiery enthusiasm goes a long way. That’s what Radiant Sparks are about. If you don’t have a lot of funds to commit, but are inspired by what we do and want to make sure this work continues, this is the level to join.

Radiant Sparks support and uplift FCCW, while inspiring others to do the same. Become a member at the Spark level to help us burn away the parts of ourselves and our society that keep us disconnected from our purpose — light the path to a more liberated, radiant world.

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Radiant Sparks limited edition riso print

Note: This is the design for the print, but once they're printed on the risograph they'll look different — photos of the actual prints are coming soon!

Meet Kezna Dalz

Kezna Dalz  / Teenadult is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. We recognize her work by the raw features and bright colors. The recurring themes addressed are feminism, the fight against racism, popular culture as well as the relationship to sexuality. She sometimes tackles difficult subjects, making them accessible through a pastel and soft universe with naive features.


The figure in this print is conjuring fire, and the vines of the leaves are present, which alludes to new growth and suggests that fire is not just a destructive force, but a powerful, life-generating one as well. There are plants that need forest fires in order to germinate and open seed pods, and that came to mind while making this.

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